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Introducing the MN-HS Court Report Index (CRI) Rankings!

By Staff, 01/30/18, 3:30PM CST


Yet another exciting addition to the Jr. All-Star lineup of features is the Court Report Index (CRI) Rankings!  We have adopted these rankings from their creator, Todd Goudy.  The CRI Rankings will be a free feature on our website and will be updated weekly.

Check out the Current Court Report Index! You will be able to navigate to them in the future on the Minnesota Page under the High School tab.

The CRI Rankings are computerized ranking system that is completely unbiased and that ranks teams 100% on game results! The value shown is an efficiency rating (similar to KENPOM). Each team gets an efficiency rating for their offensive performance and defensive performance for every game, adjusted by opponent.  These ratings are averaged, and then we take offensive minus defensive to get the value shown.

Another great feature that comes along with these rankings is that we will do game predictions frequently, which we believe will be a fan favorite of our subscribers.

One of the big reasons that Todd created these rankings is that he didn’t feel there was a ranking out there that put any stock in margin of victory.  A 30 point win was treated the same as a 1 point win.

Here is a quote from Todd on his philosophy:

“My feelings are that there isn’t much difference between a one point loss and a one point win. Obviously there is a big difference in record, but as far as determining how good a team is, the difference is quite small in my opinion. Why punish or reward a team so drastically for an unlucky or lucky bounce? Just my personal philosophy. You may disagree, but I still believe in what I am doing and that my ranking system works, and that’s all I need. But I see the outliers just like you do, and I know my formulas may need some tinkering. My goal is to put out the best system I can, based on my personal philosophy, and that is what I will try to do.”

Todd began toying with a ranking system during the 2015-16 HS season while he was an assistant for the Dassel-Cokato Girls Varsity.  He has 10 years of coaching experience at both the boys and girls levels.  As you may imagine, Todd is a math teach (SURPRISE!).  Doing these rankings is an outlet for two of his passions, basketball and math1  Todd lives in Dassel with his wife Margaret and son Ty.