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Kenny Kallina's Top 100 Club Programs from 2018

By Staff, 11/02/18, 1:15PM CDT


Back by popular demand, and moving to a new website, we are excited to announce the Kenny Kallina Top 100 Club Programs in America!

The Top 100 Clubs of the 2018 Travel season will be different than previous ranking lists we have done. Previously we tracked single teams in the 17U Division around the country. For this edition we are looking at the depth and quality of clubs from the 8th Grade Divisions to 11th Grade to determine our top CLUBS in the country.

In an era where many clubs are fueled off of players who play for a club one season or three weeks recognizing the top clubs nationally gives us a better snapshot at where the bulk of the best players in the country are playing.

Weight will be given to 16U teams within a program (50%) then 15U (25%), 14U (15%) 13U (10%). Single team programs will be recognized if they are of an outstanding nature. 

Top 100 Club Programs of 2018

  1. All Iowa Attack (IA) 
  2. Team Takeover (DC) 
  3. iExcel (NY) 
  4. FBC (GA)
  5. California Stars (CA) 
  6. West Virginia Thunder (WV) 
  7. Wisconsin Flight (WI)
  8. Boo Williams (VA)
  9. Sports City U (OH)
  10. Tennessee Flight (TN)
  11. North Tartan (MN) 
  12. Michigan Storm (MI) 
  13. Philly Belles (PA) 
  14. FGB (FL)
  15. Alabama Southern Starz (AL) 
  16. Cal Storm (CA)
  17. Team Elite (GA) 
  18. Northwest Blazers (WA)
  19. Minnesota Fury (MN)
  20. Books & Basketball (NJ)
  21. Texas Elite / Team Lex (TX/OK) 
  22. Midwest Elite (IL) 
  23. Spiece Gym Rats (IN) 
  24. Nike ProSkills (TX) 
  25. SMAC (OH) 
  26. Western Pa Bruins (PA) 
  27. Kentucky Premier (KY) 
  28. Cy Fair (TX) 
  29. Fairfax Stars (VA)  
  30. Cincinnati Angels (OH) 
  31. Indiana Flight (IN)
  32. Arkansas Banchees (AR)
  33. San Antonio's Finest (TX)
  34. Colorado Basketball Club (CO)
  35. 1 Dream (NC) 
  36. New World (DC) 
  37. Tree of Hope (WA) 
  38. New Heights (NY) 
  39. West Coast Premier (CA) 
  40. Arizona Elite (AZ)
  41. New Jersey Sparks (NJ) 
  42. Missouri Phenom (MO) 
  43. Example Sports (IL) 
  44. Mass Rivals (MA)  
  45. Team B-Wright (TN) 
  46. Exodus NYC (NY)
  47. DFW (TX)
  48. Team Slink (TN) 
  49. Team St. Louis (MO) 
  50. Carolina Flames (NC) 
  51. South Carolina 76ers (SC) 
  52. All Nebraska Attack (NE)
  53. Minnesota Stars (MN)
  54. 1 Nation (MI)
  55. All Alabama (AL) 
  56. All Ohio (OH)
  57. Kelsey Plum Wave (CA)
  58. Arizona Select (AZ)
  59. NL Eclipse Blue Star (KS)  
  60. Hoopers (NY) 
  61. Woodz Elite (AR)
  62. Bay State Jaguars (MA)
  63. Team Miller (NJ)
  64. All in Athletics (IL) 
  65. Vegas Bulldogs (NV) 
  66. Germantown Lady Panthers (MD) 
  67. Texas Phenoms (TX)
  68. NY Gauchos (NY)  
  69. I-90 Elite (NY) 
  70. Mac Irvin Fire (IL) 
  71. Boston Showstoppers (MA) 
  72. Become One (CN) 
  73. Bria Holmes Elite (CT) 
  74. Lady Jets (TX)
  75. Michigan Crossover (MI) 
  76. Colorado Premier (CO)
  77. Heroes Elite (TX)
  78. Peak Performance (GA) 
  79. WP Celtics (GA) 
  80. Lady Phoenix (NC) 
  81. Cal Swish (CA)
  82. Stars Elite (PA) 
  83. Ohio Elite (OH) 
  84. Miami Suns (FL)
  85. Power Move (DC) 
  86. Essence (FL)
  87. Team Loaded (VA) 
  88. BC Denver (CO)
  89. Cal Sparks (CA)
  90. Team Nike Northwest (OR) 
  91. Baylor Basketball (IN)
  92. San Jose Cagers (CA)
  93. Georgia Metros (GA)
  94. City Rocks (NY) 
  95. Della Lamb (MO)
  96. Hoop Dreams Athletics (GA) 
  97. Central PA Dynamite (PA)
  98. Wisconsin Lakers (WI)
  99. Illinois X-Citement (IL) 
  100. Natalie Williams Basketball (UT)

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